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NRI (Non Resident Indian) Certificate

The NRI Certificate is required for sponsoring a relative against NRI quota seats in India. It is issued on the basis of documents supporting the facts submitted by the applicant. These documents may include a valid Permanent Resident, Returning Resident Visa, Work Visa or Australian Passport.


  • Completed and signed application form for Misc. Consular Services img 
  • Valid original Indian passport with visa copy or Australian/Foreign passport with OCI booklet/Old Indian Passport
  • One passport size photograph pasted on the application
  • Applicable Fee - AUD 35 dollars with the correct mode of payment(i.e. Cash, Money Order or Bank Cheque in the name of 'Consulate General of India').
  • Self Addressed Express Post/ Registered Post/ Platinum Express Envelope with your application if you want the documents to be returned to you through the post.