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Life certificate & papers pertaining to pensions


Miscellaneous Services Form duly filled in(414 KB)

Self-attested photocopies of the passport pages containing personal particulars of the passport holder

A passport size photograph
If you not have Life certificate Form please download here(14 KB)

Applicable Fee - Gratis

Self-Addressed Envelope to dispatch the document to the address


The service of Life Certificate can be availed either by signing Life Certificate forms in front of the Consular Officer or by sending signed Life Certificate forms by post to Consulate General of India Melbourne. Life Certificate forms, duly filled-in and signed by the applicant may be sent by post accompanied by "a Statutory Declaration Form attested by JP"
(Commonwealth Statutory declaration form )
signed by the applicant with the same text as written in the Life Certificate form.

For postal life certificate applications, please send attested copies of passport and not the original passport."

Processing Time

One working day for applications in person One week for postal applications