Complete your Census on August 09, 2016

Save the date – and get online on August 9

Make sure you participate in the Census on August 9, and take a moment to help shape the future of Australia.  Every house and person in Australia needs to be counted—an estimated 10 million dwellings and 24 million people.

Did you know that international students must participate in the national Census?

In less than two weeks the Census of Population and Housing will create a snapshot of the nation by counting every house and person in Australia.

And that means everyone! Even if you’re just visiting, you still have to complete the Census wherever you are staying on Census night—August 9.

Census data tells the story of how the nation changing and where we need services and infrastructure. It’s used by businesses, researchers, community groups and all levels of government to make decisions that affect the community, in areas such as housing, transport, health and education.

You can now complete your Census online using a computer, tablet or smart phone. From 1 August, look out for a letter from the Australian Bureau of Statistics containing everything you need to know.

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