COVID-19 Advisory for Indian Nationals in Australia COVID-19 Advisory for Indian Nationals in Australia

COVID-19 Advisory for Indian Nationals in Australia


1) Considering the growing number of COVID-19 cases in Australia, all Indian nationals and especially students are advised to take abundant precautions with regard to their health & hygiene and follow the advisories issued by the local authorities. Australian Department of Health updates on COVID-19 are available at img

2) While most of the Australian educational institutions are presently open, the fast evolving situation could lead to stronger measures including possible shut down of on-campus operations in the days to come. If you are staying in on-campus housing and are asked to vacate, check with your university if you can continue staying in on-campus housing. If not possible, consult with your university or your student network on how to find alternate options for accommodation. Likewise, check how to avail your health services, health insurance and any other essential services that may be impacted.

3) Australia has announced that all arrivals in the country from midnight of March 15, 2020 must “self-isolate” for 14 days on arrival. Currently, Australia also has issued travel restrictions for a number of countries and further restrictions could be expected in the days ahead. Any overseas travel may also compromise your ability to return to Australia. It is strongly advised to avoid all non-essential domestic or international travel.

4) It should be kept in mind by those Indian nationals travelling to India that they will also be subject to medical screening upon arrival in India and may be put in quarantine for a minimum of 14 days, if required. For full details on the current restrictions in India, please check updated travel advisories on img

5) For any emergency consular services, please contact the below jurisdictional authorities;

a) Residents of ACT & Queensland - / phone no. +61 432 585 493

b) Residents of NSW & South Australia - / phone no. +61 420 277 261.

c) Residents of Victoria & Tasmania - phone no. +61 430 020 828.

d) Residents of Western Australia & Northern Territory- phone no. +61 431 743 681

This is an unprecedented situation, but it can be successfully managed by taking decisions with a calm mind. Please take prudent health precautions and carefully review information and travel advisories.