Emergency Visa Service Emergency Visa Service

Emergency Visa Service


Emergency Visa is only issued in case of genuine emergency like death or serious illness of immediate family member (blood relation).

Emergency visa service is available to Australian  Nationals of Indian origin Only

Applications for Emergency Visa(during working hours) with relevant documents in respect of Victoria and Tasmania should be submitted at:

The VFS Centre Melbourne between 09:00 AM to 03:00 PM (on working days).

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After working hours Emergency Visa applications can be submitted at:

Consulate between 03:00 PM up to 05:00 PM (on working days)
Consulate between 09:00 AM and 03:00 PM (on public holidays and weekends.)

The applications for emergency visa at all times would be received ONLY by fixing prior appointment (as per official convenience), on the telephone number mentioned below. Production of confirmed flight ticket for urgent travel at the time of application for an Emergency Visa is mandatory. For More Information Please Click Here  img

The emergency visa application is accepted ONLY after submission of complete documents i.e.

  • Complete Online filled and printed Visa application form with photograph pasted. (Select visa type as Tourist Visa). Please visit https://indianvisaonline.gov.in/visa/indianVisaReg.jsp img
  • Proof of urgency(Death or medical certificate)
  • Confirmed flight ticket of travelling on the same day late in the evening/night.
  • Exact amount of fees in Cash.

Contact Number for after-hours Emergency Visa Service: 0430 020 828 (For VIC and TAS only)

In order to ensure that this number is only used for emergency calls, the person making the request for an emergency service should first send a brief SMS outlining the emergency situation he/she is in and the service required. The person would be contacted thereafter by the emergency officer to address the issue.

Note: Consular enquiries would not be accepted on Emergency contact number. Please also note that there is no facility of "emergency passport" or "emergency PIO/OCI" etc. This emergency facility is only for visas.

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